Search Inside Yourself - Mindfulness-based Emotional Intelligence for Leaders
Target Group

General Managers
Team Leaders
All Employees
Learning Targets

The Search Inside Yourself (SIY) training program develops 6 key competencies needed for your personal and professional life:

1. Mindfulness: learn how to move away from autopilot to being aware and acting consciously
2. Self-Awareness: know and understand your internal states, thoughts, emotions, and habits
3. Self-Management: skillfully manage your impulses and reactions
4. Motivation: discover your motivations and align your values with your work
5. Emotional Intelligence: understand others’ feelings and experiences and develop empathy
6. Leadership: lead with compassion and manage conflicts and difficult conversations

SIY aims to unlock your full potential—at work and in life—and helps to improve performance, leadership, well-being, and happiness. The program will provide you with the tools and skills needed to:

- become fully present while participating in meetings and performing daily tasks
- reduce stress and enhance resilience when facing tight deadlines and pressure
- cooperate effectively and built trust with supervisors, colleagues, and customers
- understand and skillfully manage your and other people’s emotions
- use empathy and compassion to manage relationships and conflicts in international environment
- keep a high level of motivation and engagement in the workplace
- become a trusted leader and build effective teams

The SIY program was developed by a team of leading experts at Google and takes a science-based approach that combines neuroscience with principles of mindfulness and emotional intelligence. It is a highly interactive 2-day in-person session with 1/3 presentation and 2/3 exercises.

The presentation part introduces the latest findings about mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and leadership. SIY-trained facilitators will explain why and how these skills are working and how they can benefit your personal and professional life. We will provide research studies, business cases from international companies, and daily life examples as references.

The experiential part provides you with 24 short and practical techniques that help you to enhance focus, increase self-awareness, build emotional intelligence etc. These exercises will be performed individually or in groups and include focused attention and mindfulness practices, conversations, journaling, self-awareness and compassion exercises, and others. You can easily apply the learnings and search inside yourself to find out more about your thoughts, emotions, triggers, and motivations.

After the 2-day training, we will provide daily exercises and resources for a time period of 4 weeks delivered to you by email in order to help you apply the learnings in work and daily life.

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- Presentations
- Interactions incl. conversations and Q&A sessions
- Exercises
- Personal experiences and reflections
- Group and peer work

The training can be offered in English or German language, depending on the preferred language of participants.
Participants will be asked to fill out an anonymous evaluation after the training. Parts of the training will be recorded for quality control.

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